Club La Posta Rules and Regulations

  • La Posta Gaming Regulations prohibits any person under 21 years of age from gambling or loitering in a gaming area. In accordance with La Posta Gaming Regulations, La Posta Casino will not issue a Club La Posta account to any person under the age of 21.
  • Proper identification is required for a Club La Posta account. Valid picture I.D. consists of any U.S. Driver's license, Mexican Driver's license or Canadian Driver's license, Border Crossing card, Mexican Voter I.D. card, Military I.D. card, any U.S. Identification card, Permanent Resident card, Resident Alien card, Non-immigrant Visa & Border Crossing card, Passport with picture and all Federally-recognized Tribal I.D. cards with picture.
  • Redemption of points must be conducted in person by only those registered to the Club La Posta account and only with proper I.D. Redemption certificates must be redeemed before the printed time of expiration. They will not be replaced if lost or stolen.
  • Complimentary certificates for food and beverages must be redeemed before the printed time of expiration or they become void. If lost or stolen, a complimentary certificate will not be replaced.
  • It is the player's responsibility to properly insert the card into the card reader on the machine and verify its acceptance. The card must remain in the reader for the duration of play on that machine. La Posta Casino will not make any points adjustments for improperly inserted cards of any other similar type of customer error.
  • Club La Posta points or complimentaries may not be bartered, brokered, sold, transferred or subject to grounds for lawsuit or settlement.
  • Membership is limited to individual accounts. However, multiple cards may be issued for Club La Posta members who wish to play more than one machine.
  • Management reserves the right to adjust or not to adjust any point balance resulting from malfunction, operator error and/or fraud.
  • Accounts with no activity for a consecutive 12 months will be considered inactive and may be deleted including any remaining point balances.
  • Management reserves the right at any time to cancel or change the rules of Club La Posta without prior notification. Club La Posta is a privilege. Therefore, membership can be revoked at the discretion of management. The La Posta Club card is property of La Posta Casino and must be returned to the casino upon request.
  • Use of the Club La Posta card indicates acceptance of all club rules.
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